What are Reports?
  • 12 Oct 2023
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What are Reports?

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Article Summary

The Reporting feature in Clarity allows you to explore and download reports (Excel files, .xlsx) from the data housed in your Clarity tenant. There are many types of reports (described below), each helping you discover information about the application landscape within your organization.

Topics we will cover:

List of reports available

There are currently 11 reports types built into Clarity, the list is provided below along with the description of the data the reports provides.

Report NameDescription
Admin ActivityWhat are your admins doing in Clarity? Who is approving, granting, removing, modifying stuff and what are they modifying?
Entitlement Additions and RemovalsA report that shows the identity entitlements that have been added and removed over X amount of time and where it came from.
Expiring AccessA report that shows access that is set to expire AND access that has expired.
Identity Change LogsThis report lists all changes made to Identities's attributes, types and role paths.
Identity-Entitlements ReportThis report lists all Identity-Entitlement pairings with all relevant metadata.
Joiners, Movers, LeaversThis report details the new Identities created, role changes, and terminations.
Mutually Exclusive App AccessThis report shows users who have access to one or more of the selected applications, but do not have access to any of the other selected applications.
Role - Entitlement Change LogsA report to show additions and removals of entitlements from roles.
Service User Change LogsThis report lists all changes detected in Service User attributes, permissions and active status.
State of AccessA report to show the state of access at X time – now or some point in the past.
Workflow Audit LogsA report to show logs of workflow steps.

Exporting a report

To export a report, you first need to navigate to the report you would like to export (click the row in the table that matches the corresponding report).

Once you have loaded the report page, you can configure and customize the report to fit your requirements (1) . Click the Run Report (2) button to apply the changes you made to the dataset. Finally click the Export to Excel (3) button to trigger the download of your report in Microsoft Excel format (.xlsx).

Export Reports


As the number of Reports available in Clarity grows, you can use the Favorites button to help quickly get to the report types that you use most often.
Reports Favorite Button

Selecting favorites

To select a favorite, just load the report you want to mark as a favorite and click the empty Star Icon next to the name of the report (near the top of the page). Once you have clicked this icon it will change to a gold star, indicating this is now one of your favorite reports. Simply click it again to remove it from your favorites.
Report Favorite Star

Recently viewed

Similar to the Favorite feature, the Recently Viewed button allows you to view the last 10 reports that you accessed.

Reports Recently Viewed Button

If you have any problems, contact your customer success team. You can also get in touch with our general support via email, open a support ticket. Our general support team is available Monday - Friday from 8:00 AM - 6:30 PM CST.

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